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Billing and Insurance

Medical Insurance

Our office accepts most insurance plans. We do accept Medicaid. Please check with your insurance plan to determine if the providers of Children's Clinic of Pascagoula are listed as participating (in-network) providers with your insurance plan. You are responsible for all applicable copays, co-insurance, annual deductibles and any non-covered services. Please understand that we cannot waive any patient balances. All copays are due at the time of service.

In the event you have an insurance plan that Children's Clinic of Pascagoula does not contract with, you will be responsible for payment of all charges not paid by your plan. Most insurance plans refer to this as "out-of-network". If you have an insurance plan that requires a primary care physician, you must specify your selection to your insurance plan prior to being seen at Children's Clinic of Pascagoula. For newborns, parents have a period of 30 days to contact their insurance company and enroll the baby on the insurance plan.

Verification of Insurance

Proof of insurance is required by providing your insurance card at each visit. This is done to ensure that we are a participating provider in your plan and that all information and/or changes have been documented correctly. Please inform our receptionist of any changes in your insurance coverage, address, phone, etc. To avoid appointment delays and to expedite your visit, please bring your insurance card with you and present it at each visit.

Methods of Payment

Check, cash, debit. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for your convenience.

Return of Check Charge

If your check is returned for any reason, a thirty five dollar ($35) return check charge will be assessed to your account. Cash or credit cards are accepted to pay for these charges and is expected upon notification. After one returned checks we will no longer accept checks as payment for services.

If you have any questions, please call (228) 762-8712 ext. 7